How to Talk About Comp — What Pave Learned in our Latest Cycle

Aired on: May 16, 2023
It’s time to talk about compensation. 

Pay transparency is more than just compliance — it’s about advancing the way you talk about compensation with your organization. Once you determine your compensation philosophy — it’s time to get executive buy-in, train managers, and share it with all employees. Communications need to be clear and concise, and each audience requires a different approach. 
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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How to get executive buy-in on your compensation plan
How to enable managers to talk about compensation
How to share information about your compensation philosophy and decisions to employees
Learning from Pave’s most recent cycle — and things we’d do differently next time


Nathalie McGrath
Co-founder, The People Design House
Alexis Joseph Merrit
VP of People, Pave

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