How to Use Equity to Recruit and Retain Talent

Your Speakers

Experts who know how equity can be a game-changing force of balance in a competitive marketplace.

doug roberge

Doug Roberge, Host
Product Marketing Lead, Pave

nitin gupta

Nitin Gupta, Speaker
Head of Benchmarking, Pave

kathryn gombos

Kathryn Gombos, Speaker
Head of Compensation, Nylas

julie menge

Julie Menge, Speaker
Senior People Operations Manager, Mux


What You'll Learn

Competition for talent is fierce, but tech giants will win out time and time again on salary-based compensation. Here is one strategy fast-growing companies can use to compete on equal footing: equity.

Leveling the Compensation Playing Field
Why the status quo for equity benchmarking data is broken and how it can be fixed
Understanding the Power of New Hire Equity
How NHE differs from total equity and can be used to create a more competitive compensation philosophy
Leveraging the Right Resources for Success
How Pave can help you make fair, equitable, and competitive equity-based compensation decisions
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