It’s merit cycle season – are you ready?
It’s merit cycle season — are you ready?
Merit cycles are an important moment for your company. It’s your opportunity to review and reward employees for their contributions over the past 6 or 12 months. But from updating your bands to enabling managers to communicate the results to employees, there’s a lot to do. And outdated tools and workflows aren’t going to set you up for success.

Based on conversations with hundreds of companies, we’ve assembled best practices from People Leaders to ensure that your cycle goes off without a hitch.
Hannah Hanks
People Leader & Startup Advisor
Julie Menge
People Operations and Analytics Lead @ Mux
Rachel Cougan
VP of People @ Logixboard
Doug Roberge
Product Marketing @ Pave
Setting your foundation
Ensuring that you’ve got your leveling framework, updated bands, and everything else that’s required to run a successful merit cycle.
Managing bands securely
No, this doesn’t mean in excel. Getting set up with the right solution that allows you to securely and efficiently share bands with your team.
Educating key stakeholders
Getting managers, recruiters, and your executive team aligned on the key aspects of your merit cycle and the tasks they’ll be responsible for.
Getting executive buy-in
Best practices on how to secure buy-in from your executive team about all the details of your merit cycles – timelines, budgets, and more.
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